What is DAB Digital Radio and how does it work ?

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Digital Technology. A Binary Choice.

Digital technology generates, stores and processes data in only two states. Positive (on) as represented by the number 1 and Negative (off) as represented by the number 0. When digital information is broken down to its fundamental state, it exists as strings of 1’s and 0’s. This is known as binary code.

Once digital audio has been broken down into this fundamental state, it can be broadcast by either DAB technology, or online via the internet.

Compare this to analogue broadcasts, where data is conveyed as electronic signals of different amplitudes and frequencies; modulated using AM or FM.

Digital radio has no frequencies. It is broadcast via a network of terrestrial transmitters. This means audio interference does not happen and the audio is of higher quality.

These days, most radio stations create a digital signal at the same time as the analogue signal. Both are broadcast at the same time from the same antenna, with the digital signal compressed.

The potential for DAB radio is enormous. Greater sound quality, a massive number of stations and public interest at an all time high. The future has never been brighter. And with the Drivesmart DAB + Transmitter, the technology has finally caught up with customer expectations.

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